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Stainless Steel Long D Shackle with Captive Pin

  • Stainless Steel Long D Shackle with Captive Pin
product description

Stainless steel captive pin long D shackle

Captive pin long D shackle.This product is extremely similar to our other long shackle equipment range.They are still long in nature.

The key difference with this product is the fact that they have a captive pin. This will be that the pin has been mated to the shackle itself, sometimes using a wire. This will mean that the pin is a non-removable bar.We find that this makes it a perfect combination for a halyard in the marine industry.Typically, this halyard rope will be spliced directly onto the shackle itself.

Like our other range of shackles,it will still have the same core qualities;being constructed from robust stainless steel,offering a good level of resistance to corrosion and chemicals,and will be incredibly strong in nature.Other steels available.

Stainless Steel Captive Pin Long D Shackle

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 Stainless Steel Captive Pin Long D Shackle