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Everything You Need to Know about Cable Clamps

Apr. 25, 2022

If you don't work in construction, or aren't an expert, it can be difficult to know what certain tools are, what they do, and how they work. In today's blog, we'll introduce you to a seriously underrated piece of kit: the cable grip. Read on to see our answers to frequently asked questions about cable turnbuckles.

What is a cable grip?

A cable grip is a lifting device that, as the name implies, helps to grip cables. This portable lifting device is low-maintenance and can be easily repaired in the field, making it a popular item in the toolbox.

Everything You Need to Know about Cable Clamps Turnbuckles

Jaw and Swageless Turnbuckle

What are cable clamps used for?

Cable clamps are an excellent lifting equipment tool for gripping and pulling. They are very useful in tensioning slings, metal rods and cables.

Cable clamps are also much more common than people first realize. If you've ever been on an aerial lift or cable car, you'll know that they work by connecting along long cable runs and moving down the cable. To ensure they are securely and safely attached to the cable, cable clamps are used to hold them in place and guide the lift along the wire.

You will also find cable clamps for various construction and industrial applications, especially those that require the ability to lift heavy loads from 500 kg to weights of up to 3,000 kg.

Cable clamps can also be used to support cables or structural cables for pulling, as well as when the job at hand requires laying cables and structural cables - who knew a little clamp could be used for so much!

Everything You Need to Know about Cable Clamps Turnbuckles

Swageless Surface Mount Terminal Deck Toggle

What are cable clamps made of?

Cable clamps need to be made of strong materials to help ensure they can withstand the heavy loads required. The vast majority are made of iron to help ensure this. Being ductile and malleable, iron cable clamps are suitable for managing the strain and continuous movement often involved when using cable clamps.

Everything You Need to Know about Cable Clamps

How do cable clamps work?

Cable clamps contain strong parallel jaws that clamp securely onto wires without slipping, fraying or other types of damage - when their primary purpose is to support cable cars and lifts, rest assured!

Thanks to the cable clamp's guide, the clamp attaches securely to the wire - and stays that way the entire journey up and down the wire.

Everything You Need to Know about Cable Clamps Turnbuckles

Swage Toggle Terminal for 1/8'' and 3/16'' Cable

If you have any questions about cable clamps or other lifting equipment, please contact the experts at HAIFAN today and get a product quote.